Kisharon and Langdon announce joint strategy in the form of a merged strategy


Today, Kisharon and Langdon have announced that they “have begun to develop a joint strategy, in the form of a merged charity combining Kisharon and Langdon, to facilitate the best possible learning disability and/or autism offering for the Jewish community.” They commissioned a report into the provision of services for people with learning disabilities and autism in the Jeiwish community, with the aim of projecting future need over the next 15 or more years. The report found that a combination of rising demand and costs meant that, in order to achieve the best outcomes for the people we support, learning disability service providers would need to focus on maximizing effectiveness combining strengths and skills. 

Mobilise supported the next phase of the work. Commissioned by both organisations, we undertook a significant options appraisal study for the two charities as well as a people to people encounter supporting staff and trustees explore and develop their future. You can find out more about our work with Kisharon and Langdon here:

Save to say, we are delighted that the two charities have found a way forward together and we hope the families and people they support agree that the vision for the future is strong.