• “It was excellent working with Mobilise during Maccabi GB's recent strategic review. Collaborating with their team was always a pleasure, as their dedication, expertise, and strategic insights significantly elevated our planning process. Mobilise's commitment to understanding our organisation's values and goals translated into a tailored approach that addressed our unique needs. Their analysis and recommendations showcased their understanding of our sector and the broader landscape we operate in. We are immensely grateful for the positive impact they have made on our strategic journey.” Ashley Lerner, CEO
  • “Mobilise and Natalie Grazin offered an essential framework as a building block to merger. Their expertise in facilitating, bringing teams together and drawing up documentation at short notice bore testament to their professionalism, experience and background in this important arena ” Neil Taylor & Richard Franklin, Chief Executives
  • “Micah and his team at Mobilise are an exceptional team who go above and beyond to understand the client, their approach and needs. Their commitment to providing One Mlion Mentors with a well written and high quality analysis has enabled us to move to the next level of scale.” Alveena Malik, CEO and Cofounder
  • “Thanks to your efforts, we made good progress developing our understanding and gaining support for the initiative with Goldsmiths and other stakeholders, You have made a real difference.” Steve Connor, Development Manager
  • “It has been a pleasure working with Mobilise who've been pivotal in assisting Langdon to formulate its new strategy. Their expertise in facilitation, undertaking meaningful consultation, project management and their patience with us as a client have been instrumental to the success of this project.” Neil Taylor, CEO
  • “Well done . This is an excellent summary of the evidence and importantly identifies what works. Hopefully we will see some action and this will help key opinion formers and the organisations to invest in the right projects.” Dal Babu, Former Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan Police.
  • “I've worked with a lot of people and organisations and was so impressed with the speed, commitment and quality of the 'MSEK' team. They helped us get the approach to the consultation right, reach Kingston's diverse residents, and deliver high quality analysis and insight. We were particularly grateful for the co-design work on the new housing model offer document that helped us establish a new way of working with residents and staff as we embark on our implementation.” Tom Bremner, Lead Housing Consultant
  • “Mobilise supported us examine our programmes at the point of getting ready to replicate the project for the first time. They helped us work through some of the big questions and were patient and communicative throughout. They understood our holistic approach and were insightful and inclusive while working with our families, schools and young people.” Lily Eastwood, Director of Learning
  • “We enjoyed working with Micah and his team who had an understanding and empathy for the work. They took the information and systems that we had and produced a useful impact report of our work. ” Ashwin Mathews (CEO)
  • “Surrey Community Action were very pleased to work with Micah and Catherine from Mobilise in clarifying the organisation’s thoughts and aspirations on/for the potential future and development of the building that Surrey Community Action currently occupy. Their research was thorough and logical with a concluding report indicating what the next steps might be.” James Prescott-Martin, Head of Finance and Resources, Surrey Community Action
  • “The report really helped - it just put everything in context” Edward Pickering, Chair of Trustees
  • “I was very impressed by the prompt response of Mobilise to our request for support. Two visits and a few emails later they completed the project with an excellent report that has added to the capacity of the organisation, enabling the Trustee board and local council to negotiate terms with clear information.” Teresa Meekings, General Manager, Palingswick House Limited
  • “Mobilise produced an excellent evaluation report that will serve us well, very fair and balanced – which will give it credibility with stakeholders and help us to draw lessons. It was really important that the views of service users were reflected and Mobilise achieved this extremely well. We also appreciated the background research they undertook and the detail they went into” Brian Jones, Fundraising Manager, Peter Bedford Housing Association
  • “It has been an enjoyable experience working with Mobilise. They are enthusiastic and showed a genuine interest in the Giving Time, Giving Help project. They demonstrated a thorough approach and good project management. As an organisation we have gained valuable information about an important area of our work with older people in Islington.” Jane Chambers, Activities & Lifestyle Manager
  • “We found Mobilise to be approachable, knowledgeable and challenging and were left with the sense that they were looking afresh at our unique set of circumstances and certainly not reprising work previously done elsewhere!” Ian Burbidge, Policy & Performance Manager, Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk
  • “Despite an exceptional tight timescale for the work, Mobilise provided a wealth of useful information and analysis of best practice from around the Country and formulated firm recommendations about the approach SCC should develop. We have more to do in taking our communities work forward but with the help of Mobilise have a much clearer sense of direction.” Paula Hewitt, Director of Customers & Communities, Somerset County Council