About Us

Mobilise is a social purpose business created to reshape the relationship between citizens and their public services. The goal is to increase levels of satisfaction and trust facilitating more active citizens within communities thus helping to reduce the cost of public services. We do this through innovation, encouraging community activism and building strong relationships.

Mobilise was formed in 2006 and its founders and associates have worked for years with communities and local authorities both as practitioners and consultants.  We’ve improved neighbourhoods, run government programmes, redesigned services, and developed many innovative ways of tackling some of the entrenched problems that public services and communities face.

We know what works, what doesn’t, many of the pitfalls, and how to achieve greater efficiencies in public service delivery whilst still delivering sustainable solutions with communities.  Most of all, the insights we’ve gained by working at the join between communities and public services gives us a unique view as to how public sector services can change to meet the challenges of the current environment, reducing spending whilst maintaining quality and delivery.

Our research and our own experience of working with these issues taught us that public sector institutions can change.  They can both provide a better experience to citizens, changing the relationship between the state and the citizen, and stimulate greater levels of citizen led activity.


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