Our Expertise

Mobilise is a hybrid organisation operating as a social purpose business.  We bring research and evidence to the table to support organisations implement policy and develop strategy fit for the new environment.  We develop and deliver services locally on behalf of our public sector partners, putting our thinking into practice.  Whichever way we work with you, our underlying role is to support you in mobilising your citizens to become more active both with you and in their communities.

  • Community Engagement & Insight – From smaller one to one work and focus groups to large scale engagement exercises, we deliver creatively and ensure you have the insight to make lasting change.
  • Encouraging Activism & Volunteering – Whether it’s a regeneration forum, new community trust, or changing the way your organisation operates to encourage activism, we can help you design the approach, deliver the programme or undertake the recruitment on your behalf.
  • Children, Young People & Gangs – We are expert in the design and delivery of projects and services for children and young people, and in particular working with gang affected young people.
  • Housing & Neighbourhood Services – We support change in mainstream housing management, environment, and related public services. We also have extensive experience in improving disadvantaged neighbourhoods and are expert in the development of joined up service responses and neighbourhood management.
  • Community Renewal & Regeneration – From SRB to Big Local, we have delivered successfully on all the different waves of regeneration and renewal programmes.
  • Third Sector & Social Enterprise – We have a range of offers here from sustainable income strategies, membership reviews, business planning, evaluation to franchising.
  • Community Facilities & Multi Sector Service Hubs – From concept, to feasibility work, negotiations with partners and services, the business case and implementation.  Whether its community facilities, a children’s centre, local multi sector service points, or county wide approaches to back office service hubs, we have the experience.
  • Localism – Whether it’s a right to save, challenge or build you are seeking to undertake we can help.  We have extensive experience of developing ‘delivery vehicles’, supporting the development of trusts and social enterprises, and supporting the transfer of public and community assets.
  • Intergenerational Housing – Intergenerational housing has significant potential to deliver better outcomes, stronger communities and savings for organisations.  We are bringing knowledge and learning from outside of the UK to both new developments and in reshaping existing housing stock as interest grows in this area.


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