Direct Linc ProjectLincolnshire County Council

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Mobilise was commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council to manage and create the Direct Linc project. The project was driven by the question ‘How do individuals in our communities get things fixed?’ which highlights the problem of trying to address complex, multi-dimensional issues in communities often when a range of partners and services are required to find a solution. This was particularly acute in a ‘3-tier setting’.

As a response to this problem we supported Lincolnshire develop Direct Linc, a community issues reporting hub which enables an integrated working approach and seeks to create a joint agency, cross-tier way to resolving issues arising within the many diverse communities of Lincolnshire.

The hub facilitates the reporting and solving of complex community issues by working with named community activists and service providers.  For local activists Direct Linc acts as an ‘easy-to-use’ fault and enquiry mechanism which enables them to report community issues and activate a service responsive. For service providers Direct Linc provides a useful mechanism that enables local stakeholders and service providers to work collaboratively to address more complex issues that do not have straight forward service responses and require more sustained joint working or problem solving approaches.

The issues Direct Link sought to address are complex community issues where technical procedures and solutions are not always in place and where multiple partners need to act in consort with the community.