Community strengths and asset mapping in Greater ManchesterThe Greater Manchester Jewish Representative Council

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Mobilise Public Ltd was appointed by the Greater Manchester JLC to undertake a post Covid, strategic review of needs and service delivery across 7 core themes. We researched and analysed community strengths and provided an asset mapping of Jewish organisations & service delivery in the Greater Manchester area. This work involved assisting the development of a Strategic Group which consisted of organisations across the Jewish religious spectrum in Manchester as well as representation from the relevant Councils – Salford, Bury and Manchester; development of a research framework that built on the research questions provided by the Strategic Group; a community survey, stakeholder interviews, focus group discussions on the themes and extensive research on the ground. We explored the strengths, challenges, needs and delivery of the different organisations in the community. These were outlined in a comprehensive report alongside a series of recommendations in different themes, and ways to better support organisations and address any gaps. The work highlighted how the respective mainstream and strictly orthodox Jewish communities work together playing to their respective strengths identifying how this could be built upon further as the community demographics of the Greater Manchester Jewish Community rapidly change.